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Bill Raymond used to advertise “best plating to specification in Indiana”, and while this ruffled some feathers back then, he must’ve been onto something as R&S Plating has been plating to specification throughout Indianapolis, Indiana, for over seven decades. We offer a number of certifiable specs in several plating applications…cadmium, copper, hard chrome, nital etching, passivation, sulfamate nickel, baking and hydrogen embrittlement relief, white layer removal, and zinc.

Along with all of these services, R&S Plating also offers comprehensive masking services for parts that get finished in particular areas only. We have several different ways to mask your piece depending on size and location of necessary masking. Masking allows us an opportunity to hone in on specific places that your piece needs metal plating, and on the flip side, places that cant have it. We can make sure your outside, inside diameter, or any other specific area is appropriately addressed per your metal finishing needs.

Cadmium Plating

Cadmium is a popular finish due to its high corrosion resistance. Examples of things that call for cadmium plating include nuts, washers, timing mechanisms, magnets, shafts, bolts, threaded rod, etc. Occasionally we’ll get restoration work for old motorcycle or car parts.  Cadmium offers excellent solderability, malleability, and lubricity. Its easily polished with steel wool, wire brush, or wire wheel for great looks. We offer cadmium in both bright and yellow finishes. Barrel, rack, and wire. Excellent turnaround time usually means within 72 hrs pending size, quantity, and cleanliness of parts to be plated,  and whether its wired, racked, or barreled.

Cadmium Specs:

  • AMS 2400
  • AMS QQP 416

Copper Plating

Copper plating is commonly used as a heat treat mask and is also known for its high electrical conductivity. Offering excellent throwing power, copper gives a smooth uniform finish.  Conversely, we can strip copper off post heat treat as well. Our experience with copper plating is mostly as a heat treat mask for aircraft parts, and we’ve been doing it a very long time! Shafts, bearings, flanges, etc. Again, we can offer excellent turnaround time pending wire, rack or barrel, quantity, size, and cleanliness. Copper finishing tip…..steel wool shines it up just like a brand new penny!

Copper Specs:

  • AMS 2418

Hard Chrome

Hard Chrome is a tough, industrial finish known for durability and incredible corrosion resistance. We offer both flash and build up service utilizing wiring, racking, anode fabrication, and masking. Our experience is lengthy with hard chrome and includes shafts, molds, aircraft components, dies, tooling and centrifuge bowls. Masking allows us to pinpoint precise locations on parts with specific requirements. Having said all that, we can remove hard chrome as well. Turnaround time for our customers is typically 5 to 7 working days, but some jobs, pending part preparation are 2 to 3 days turnaround time. Contact us today to discuss the best approach to your hard chrome plating work!

Hard Chrome Specs:

  • AMS 2406


Passivation increases the lifespan of material by aiding its corrosion resistance properties. It begins with intense cleaning and then submersion into one of several chemical baths that gives your piece a protective film. We have quite a few to choose from to address your passivation needs. Having run a multitude of parts….vibratory feeder systems, feeder bowls (feet high x feet wide), vent systems, aircraft components, tiny stuff, and more, R&S Plating is set up to handle both small and large parts. Whether its 300ss, 400ss, 17-4, 15-5 etc, we have alot of experience handling your passivation needs.

Passivation Specs: 

  • AMS 2700
  • ASTM A380
  • ASTM A967
  • EPS 11250

Sulfamate Nickel Specs:

  • AMS 2403

White Layer

White layer removal tackles that hard brittle layer left behind after nitriding. Having multiple white layer removal  tanks in use, we can handle both small and large parts. Shafts, gears, rings, spacers, etc. We make it up fresh every time before use to ensure your job receives the highest quality treatment. Got copper? No worries, R&S Plating can strip copper prior to white layer removal. We also offer post blast and baking services within 4 hours of white layer removal.

White Layer Specs:

  • RRP 51009 


Zinc plating, being cost effective and rust protective as it is, sometimes requires plating to spec. Again, we can wire, rack, or barrel for you and certify to spec. Bright or yellow chromate. Yellow chromate is excellent for paint adhesion. Please click on our Zinc Plating section for more information.

Zinc Specs:

  • ASTM B633

Comprehensive Masking

Along with all of these services, R&S Plating also offers comprehensive masking services for parts that get finished in particular areas only. We can make sure your outside or inside diameter is appropriately addressed per your finishing needs.


While we enjoy plating, we love to bake too! Sometimes based on HRC or Rockwell hardness, your job may require stress relief before and/or hydrogen embrittlement relief after your chosen plating application. No worries, R&S can handle it for you! Our calibrated and certified oven is ready to take care of your baking needs. Just let us know the HRC and we can bake to spec!

Baking Specs: 

  • ASTM F519
  • AMS 2759/9