Plating To Specifications

R&S Plating has been plating to specification for over seven decades. We offer a number of certifiable specs in several plating applications…cadmium, copper, hard chrome, nital etching, passivation, sulfamate nickel, baking and hydrogen embrittlement relief, white layer removal, and zinc.

Cadmium is a popular finish due to its high corrosion resistance. It also offers excellent solderability, malleability, and lubricity. Its easily polished with steel wool, wire brush, or wire wheel for great looks. We offer cadmium in both bright and yellow finishes. Barrel, rack, and wire.

Copper plating is commonly used as a heat treat mask and is also known for its high electrical conductivity. Offering excellent throwing power, copper gives a smooth uniform finish. Barrel, rack, and wire. Conversely, we can strip copper off post heat treat as well.

Hard Chrome is a tough, industrial finish known for durability and incredible corrosion resistance. We offer both flash and build up service utilizing wiring, racking, and anode fabrication.

Nital Etching allows you to detect heat introduction/burning on hardened parts due to grinding or machining operations.

Passivation increases the lifespan of material by aiding its corrosion resistance properties. It begins with intense cleaning and then submersion into one of several chemical baths that gives your piece a protective film. We have quite a few to choose from to address your passivation needs.

Sulfamate Nickel offers excellent abrasion, wear, and corrosion resistance. Offering superior ductility and high-temperature resistance, sulfamate nickel is easily machinable for build up or restoration of worn parts.

White layer removal tackles that hard brittle layer left behind after nitriding. Having multiple white layer removal tanks in use, we can handle both small and large parts. We make it up fresh every time before use to ensure your job receives the highest quality treatment. Got copper? No worries, R&S Plating can strip copper prior to white layer removal.

Zinc plating, being cost-effective and rust protective as it is, sometimes requires plating to spec. Again, we can wire, rack, or barrel for you and certify to spec.

While we enjoy plating, we love to bake too! Sometimes based on HRC or Rockwell hardness, your job may require stress relief before and/or hydrogen embrittlement relief after your chosen plating application. No worries, R&S can handle it for you! Our calibrated and certified oven is ready to take care of your baking needs.

Along with all of these services, R&S Plating also offers comprehensive masking services for parts that get finished in particular areas only. We can make sure your outside or inside diameter is appropriately addressed per your finishing needs.