Louisville Metal Plating

When it comes to Louisville Metal Plating, there’s no one who knows the industry better than R & S Plating. We’ve been providing clients with top-notch metal finishing services since our doors first opened way back in 1946.

A lot has changed in the 70+ years that we’ve been in business, but we’re proud to be the same locally owned, family operated, and the customer-oriented company that we’ve always been. We’ve committed ourselves to providing unparalleled quality and attention to detail on every metal plating service we offer.

How Does Louisville Metal Plating Work?

The primary metal finishing process we use is called “electroplating.” During this process, a layer of dissolved metal is deposited onto an item. The basic steps involved in the electroplating process include:

  1. Disassembly – If there are multiple parts to the item that’s being electroplated, it’s disassembled so that the metal coating can reach every inch of the object.
  2. Cleansing – The item that’s going to be coated needs to be cleaned thoroughly with solvents before electroplating can begin. This will remove all contaminants so the metal will bond better.
  3. Pretreatment – Some items will need to be pretreated in order to ensure maximum adhesion. For example, an object may be sandblasted with aluminum oxide to roughen up the surface, which creates a better bond.
  4. Polishing – Polishing the object will remove any remaining debris so no imperfections will show in the final product.
  5. Set Up – A negative electrical lead is attached to the item while the positive lead is connected to the plating metal.
  6. Immersion – Once the item has been prepared for treatment, it is them submerged in a vat that contains a chemical solution known as an “electrolyte bath.”
  7. Plating – The metal plating starts as soon as the item is immersed in the electrolyte bath. The longer the object is left in the solution, the thicker the plating will be.
  8. Rinse – After the plating has been completed, the item is rinsed to remove any chemical residue.

The Purpose of Louisville Metal Plating

Metal plating is used in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics, jewelry, hardware, consumer products, and many more. The reason Louisville Metal Plating is so widely used is that we offer many benefits, such as:

  • Increased surface hardness and strength
  • Greater resistance to corrosion
  • Decorative appeal
  • Improved paint adhesion
  • Increased surface thickness
  • Enhanced magnetism
  • Reduced friction
  • Improved durability
  • Increased solderability
  • Greater resistance to wear and tear

Popular Louisville Metal Plating Services

At R & S Plating, we offer a broad range of metal plating services. Some of our most popular options include:

Hard Chrome Plating

Hard chrome plating is a popular choice because it offers improved resistance to corrosion and friction at a reasonable cost. You can also use hard chrome plating on a variety of substrates including bronzes, brasses, stainless steel, and lightweight aluminum alloys, which makes it an attractive option.

Copper Plating

Copper plating is another cost-effective metal finishing service that we offer. Many of our clients choose copper plating because it offers high conductivity, making it an excellent choice for electronic components.

Cadmium Plating

Cadmium plating is known for its ability to resist corrosion, improve adhesion, and increase lubricity. But all of those benefits come at a cost – cadmium plating is a bit more expensive than other metal finishing options.

Even with its high price tag, cadmium plating is in great demand because of its ability to work well in extreme environments. It’s especially popular in the aerospace, military defense, and marine industries.

Zinc Plating

Zinc plating is one of the top choices for the automotive industry. That’s because zinc plating makes an object better able to resist corrosion and oxidation, two of the biggest enemies a vehicle can have. Zinc plating also won’t cost you an arm and a leg, making it an even more attractive option.

Which Louisville Metal Plating Option is Right for You?

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know which metal plating service is right for you.

At R & S Plating, we’re more than happy to help find the best metal finishing service to meet your needs. All you have to do is contact us for a free quote. We’ll talk to you about the goals for your project, how soon you need the finished product, your budget, etc. before providing you with a recommendation.

Just give us a call at 317-925-2396 or feel free to contact us to learn more. We look forward to working with you!