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Since 1946, R&S Plating has been operated in the Indianapolis area. Our shop has been family run for over seven generations, giving you the most dedicated service possible. We offer Indianapolis Metal Finishing applications that include metal Plating. Let us know if we can assist with any of your metal finishing needs.

Even with our growth, we have been operating in the same facility off of Interstate 70. Indianapolis holds over 114,403 business and over 864,771 residing in the area. We serve all industries in the Indianapolis area. We work with business in Indiana and much of the Midwest.

What is Indianapolis Metal Finishing?

The purpose of metal finishing is to treat the exterior of a piece of metal. Additionally, the purpose of metal finishing is to improve the appearance and/or durability.  There are many uses of metal finishing, a few of which include, but is not limited to:

  • Indianapolis Metal Fishing on steelMaximized Durability
  • Heightened Decorative Appeal
  • Improve Electrical Conductivity
  • Improved Chemical Resistance
  • Increased Tarnish Resistance
  • Improved Surface Friction
  • Ability to bond with Rubber
  • Improved Torque Resistance
  • Improved Reflectiveness

Types of Indianapolis Metal Finishes:

Metal Plating- We use machines as a chemical bath to coat or change a surface with a thin layer of metal.  Electroplating is a method that creates an electric current to coat the base material. The most common uses for plating are to fight corrosion, decorate objects, harden, improve solderability, reduce friction, maximize paint adhesion, and many more! On specific products, we are able to mask, as well.

Indianapolis metal finishing on copper

Cadmium Plating- This is one of the most popular finishes, due to its high corrosion resistance.  The most cadmium plated items are nuts, washers, timing mechanisms, magnets, shafts, bolts, threaded rods, and more. The average time, depending on size, to complete your project is as little as 72 hours!

Copper Plating- Copper has one of the highest conductivity ratings. We not only plate with copper, but we can remove it as well. We work regularly with aircraft parts, shafts, bearings, flanges, and more.

Hard Chrome Plating-  Hard Chrome plating is known for its corrosion resistance and durability. We are able to remove hard chrome plating, as well. Shafts, molds, aircraft components, tools, and centrifuge bowls are often plating with hard chrome. Hard Chrome plating typically as a 5 to 7 day turn around time.

Passivation Plating-  Passivation Plating is used to increase the life of your metal. We begin the process with an intense part wash, then we submerge the part into a chemical bath to give it a protective film.  We regularly passivation plate vibratory feeder systems, feeder bowls, vent systems, aircraft components, and more.

White Layer- White layer plating is the removal of brittle layers after nitriding. We are able to White Layer all size parts. Our tanks are filled between every use, to guarantee the best quality treatment. We treat rings, spacers, shafts, and more!

Zinc Plating-  Zinc plating is often used for rust protection. This plating process is one of the most cost-effective applications. We can wire, rack, or barrel any of your pieces.

Choosing Your Indianapolis Metal Finishing Process

When you are narrowing down your choices, for what technique is best for you, you may want to keep mind a few certain things.

Production Time: Is there a specific timeframe that you need your metal finishing product by? Various techniques may have a longer/quicker application time.

Cost- Effectiveness: Not all finishes and processes are done the same way. Contact us today to discuss the best finish and process for your job!

Metal Hardness: Let us know the HRC or Rockwell of your piece to determine baking times and temperature for the stress/hydrogen embrittlement relief.

If you have more questions on our techniques and our time frames, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Industrial Applications

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Hardware
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Appliances
  • Telecommunications
  • and More!

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Are you in need of metal finishing for any of your products? Feel free to contact one of our representatives, at R&S Plating to learn more today! We cannot wait to help you with any of your needs.

With all of the growing and changing businesses in the Indianapolis area, may you could benefit from our services. Our applications range from industrial, commercial, military, and more! We are in the heart of Indianapolis, which is a quick drive away. There is always a quick way to get to us while we are at the Crossroads of America. If you have a question on one of our services or metals that we work with, stop on by!