Hard Chrome

We consider ourselves hard chrome specialists here at R&S Plating, its what the company was originally founded on back in 1946. Now in our seventh decade, R&S Plating is still doing hard chrome with no plans of slowing down anytime soon. We’ve served hundreds if not thousands of satisfied customers…both commercial and private alike. R&S Plating has become the go-to Indianapolis Plating Company for hard chrome plating in the area. We have capacity to plate parts ranging from the size of a pea to 8 feet long. weighing anywhere from less than an ounce to over a ton. We take hard chrome seriously and pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality with friendly service, excellent turnaround time, and competitive pricing. Having long standing relationships with clients across the industry after 70 plus years speaks for itself. Our hard chrome specialists have 30 years of experience under their be. We have a wealth of knowledge on the ins and outs of the process. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your job is in experienced hands. We enjoys sharing and discussing his deep knowledge of specs, prints, and the process in general with both current and potential clients to ensure we understand whats wanted and expected.

Hard chrome, also known as industrial chrome or “satin” chrome, is used in various industrial applications. It is typically used for surfaces that are exposed to excessive wear and require a long lasting protective coating. This chrome finish is known as a “flash” coating which is held to a thickness of .0001-.0005 on the exposed area.

Hard Chrome is a tough, industrial finish known for durability and incredible corrosion resistance. We offer both flash and build up service utilizing wiring, racking, anode fabrication, and masking. Our experience is lengthy with hard chrome and includes shafts, molds, aircraft components, dies, tooling and centrifuge bowls. Masking allows us to pinpoint precise locations on parts with specific requirements. Having said all that, we can remove hard chrome as well. Turnaround time for our customers is typically 5 to 7 working days, but some jobs, pending part preparation are 2 to 3 days turnaround time. Contact Andy Raymond today to discuss the best approach to your hard chrome plating work! 

Hard chrome is highly used in hydraulic industrial applications. This process involves whats called a “build up”. When machine parts are made, sometimes the part is made undersized. This means it requires a certain amount of hard chrome to make it oversized so that excess can be ground down to the desired finish size. This build up process accomplishes that, as well as leaving a rustproof and extremely hard finish that can last for years upon years.

Hard Chrome is used in injection molding. We apply a “flash” that accomplishes two things…protective coating from the elements of course, and assistance in the easement of cleaning the mold. Mold can get dirtied up from plastics, syrups, etc that adhere to the mold cavity. Hard chrome helps immensely with those issues.

Lately we’ve been hearing that hard chrome goes well with the “steampunk” art movement too, so whether your surface finishing calls for hard chrome or one of our other finishes, please browse around the rest of our website and contact us to discuss how we can help. You can be sure of receiving the best and highest quality finishing. Its the foundation we were built on here at R&S Plating.